Coach Rod Mosby, currently #2 ranked Coachup trainer in Arkansas, has developed a course that makes learning to shoot a jump shot easy.  Over the years many have tried, but Coach Mosby hit the nail on the head.  His technique is based on over 10 years of studying countless jump shooters from all over the world.  He has shared his publications with shot trainers for NBA teams – Spurs, Nuggets and Celtics.  He developed a publication with Dick Baumgartner’s, Basketball Shooting Camp businessman in Richmond Indiana.  He also coached basketball during the summer at Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine. 

Top Benefit of this Program: 

Shot mechanics training done at home.  Get over 1,000 shot reps per week by performing my proven method without a basketball 5 days per week, 20 minutes each day – over 4,000 shot reps per month.  You have to change the way you THINK about shooting!

My method works because it is built upon this mindset: Made and Missed shots are results of your mechanics.  To become a better shooter you simply need to master executing your mechanics on every attempt.  Consistent execution will RESULT in More made shots.

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