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Coach Rod Mosby is a reputable trainer with the all the qualifications, experiences and testimonials to prove that he can be an asset to any basketball program with players in need of development.

Traveling Shot Trainer
March - August

Camp Collaboration & Contract Work

Coach Rod Mosby - Email: [email protected] - Text: 501-724-4424

As a basketball skills trainer, I understand that my “Brand” is not defined by my logo, slogan or marketing. My brand is the reputation I build with each client interaction. Customer testimonials are powerful tools to boost your brand credibility, trust, and loyalty. They showcase how your products or services have solved real problems for real people, and how your brand values align with your customers’ needs and expectations. #basketball #branding

In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.

Off Season Training: That's When The Process Takes Place!

Coach Rod Mosby is a highly regarded jump shot trainer, ranked as one of the best trainers in Arkansas according to Coachup. 


With over a decade of research and experience sharing his publications with professional teams such as the Celtics, Lakers, Nuggets, and Spurs, Coach Mosby has developed comprehensive courses for online learning. 


His expertise has also been recognized through his collaboration with Dick Baumgartner, owner of Dick Baumgartner Basketball in Richmond, Indiana. In addition to his work with professional trainers, Coach Mosby has also served as a basketball instructor at Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine and with the Arkansas Recruits in Cabot, AR. 

  • Gold Licensed Coach with USA Basketball
  • Top 5 Coachup Trainer in Arkansas 
  • Coaching & Training Experience from ages 9 to 40+
  • Online trainer for players overseas via Instagram
  • Online training content creator 
  • 10 Years of experience as a youth coach in Beebe and Augusta, AR, as well as Naples Maine
  • Jump shot and ball handling expert
    1. Assist in the development of a player’s individual skill set (ball handling, shooting, agility, etc.)
    2. Expand a player’s basketball IQ so that they understand when and how to utilize their athleticism
    3. Teach life skills through basketball
    4. Prepare players to be fundamentally sound before or after entering high school
    5. Improve your basketball program by providing the following:

    Strength Training | Power Training | Flexibility Training | Agility Training

  1. Position Skills Training – $40 – $50 Per Hour
  2. Group Training at your Facility (2 to 10 Players) – $25 Per Player
  3. Traveling Day Clinics at Your City’s Facility – 3 Hour Session:  Teaching ball handling and one motion shot mechanics (Up to 30 athletes per session) – $30 Per Player
  4. Offseason Contracted Group Trainer – Team or Other Organization – Negotiable
  5. Guest Speaker – $200 per hour
  6. Attend and analyze player – $50 per game

AAU Teams | Tournament Teams | High School (7th -12th) | Youth (3rd -6th)

:: I’m based in Augusta, AR ::

Target Arkansas Cities: Searcy, Augusta, Bald Knob & McCrory


Individual Lessons – $40 for 1 hr / $50 for 1 hr & 30 minutes

Group Sessions – $25 per participant

Jump Shooting/Ball Handling Day Clinics – 

·        $50 per participant 

·        Up to 30 participants per 3 hour session

·        Offering two 3 hour sessions in one day if you would like to separate the genders

Contract Work

  •  $600 Per Month
  • Group Training at your Facility Once Per Week (4 sessions per month)
  • 2 Hour Window – Group Training
  • Any organization (parent, school, or company) can pay the $600 fee and charge players wishing to participate in order to recoup the investment

Email: [email protected]

Text/Mobile: 501-724-4424 (send me a text first)


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