My basketball shooting and ball handling clinics are not the same as camps. My clinics serve as a meeting at which basketball players receive special evaluation and instruction. We start in a classroom with a whiteboard session that illustrates and explains shooting. Next, there will be demonstrations on the court. Lastly, athletes are allowed to participate.


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Take the first step towards becoming a great shooter by downloading a Free copy of my instructional manual entitled "Shot Perfection 101".  Watch Coach Rock's video series entitled "Shoot Like A Pro."

What Does 2020 Sports Provide. . . .

  1. A choice of 1-on-1 ($30 - 1 hr) or group (2 to 10 athletes @ $20 each - 1hr 10 minutess) training sessions
  2. Shooting & Ball Handling Clinics ($30 per participant)
  3.  Game footage analysis ($40)
  4. Group Motivational Speaking (starting at $250 per hour)
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