Mini Shooting Camps

About the Camp

Wanna Host A Camp? Download the Forms:   Camp Layout | Camp Waiver

20/20 Basketball Mini Camps are mobile and can be conducted worldwide for players ranging from NBA to youth level. The Mini Camps are for players who are serious about improving their shooting and for coaches who want to learn the latest techniques for teaching shooting. Mini Camps are conducted year round at your site or ours. Mini Camps for adults or smaller groups are also offered. Contact Coach Rod Mosby to have a Mini Camp conducted at your site or to participate in a Mini Camp nearest you.

Camp Breakdown

20/20 Sports / Mini-Shooting & Scoring Camp - Basketball
Location: TBA
Cost - $30 to $45 /athlete (includes training & camp tee)
To host a camp you must have a minimum of 25 athletes to order t-shirts ($45 fee) or 15 with no t-shirt orders ($30 fee).


This is what will be covered at the camp!

  • Learn proper shooting mechanics
  • Eliminate the idea of "distance" when shooting
  • Increase your shooting range
  • Learn proper footwork when moving with and without the basketball
  • Learn how to shoot coming off screens
  • Learn to run the pick-n-roll
  • Learn post moves that work
  • Learn to run the floor with proper spacing
  • Learn to run the fastbreak off defensive rebounds
  • Learn to convert steals into points
  • Learn dribble moves that get you past defenders and to the hoop
  • Learn how to finish at the basket
  • Learn to shoot free throws, treys and mid-range shots
  • Compete for ribbons
Instructions for Registered Athletes:
When you register, include your t-shirt size & bring your own inside basketball.
REMEMBER: Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance for the camp.